Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I don't think I can handle the excitement

This morning we saw the UPS truck in our neighborhood as we pulled out to go swimming with friends. I knew that UPS truck likely held something fun for our family, but we went on to the pool. Then we went to Target. Then we went to the post office. Then we *finally* went back to the office and collected 1 large envelope and 2 boxes - yippee! It had finally arrived!

What was that wonderful thing? The thing that caused so much excitement?

It was our third grade curriculum.

We raced home, got showers, and K insisted on getting started immediately. At this moment, she is parked in front of the TV watching her class on DVD. She sitting at a TV tray with a small table next to her that is holding her supplies and books. Yes, we do go all high-class like that for school. Heck, when you spend that much on the curriculum, you're lucky to have enough left for notebook paper, much less a "desk".

So it looks like we're officially back to school. Now to teach L that even if it looks like K's just watching TV, she's really very busy and L's not allowed to interrupt. That seems to be a tough concept for L's tender years.

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