Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 1 of school

We have officially finished 5 days of school. Ok, we'll be "finished" when K finishes her "homework". She argued that "homework" should be done separate from school time, so we agreed that 4pm would be okay to do the few minutes of arithmetic and reading "homework" she has to do.

So far I am so extremely, amazingly, whole-heartedly glad that we went back to the video program. Third grade has been soooooooo much easier than the previous grades. There's less hands-on kind of prep that I have to do. Like the 150 straws that we used for *1* lesson last year. K tears out her own pages or does them in the book, she gets her own books and paper, and follows the directions by herself. All I've had to do is check her work and find, grade, and record her tests. Easy stuff.

And she's learning! All about declarative vs. interrogative, adding money, and the nervous system and parts of the eye. The best part is that K *loves* the independence and greater responsibility of being a third grader. She's been asking me lately what other chores she can do now that she's older. That's the part I'm loving. K's excited about the fact that she gets to take herself to and from Sunday School this year and the tables and chairs in her new classroom are BIGGER! Her feet don't even touch the floor!

Lest you think it's all sunshine and roses, we are having an issue today with some addition with big numbers where she can't figure out what she did wrong and the child can't copy an answer from her book to her paper with the correct spelling to save her life. She gets grumpy when I try to correct her, but overall, third grade is going swimmingly.

5 days down and 165 to go!

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