Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I think the weather is confused

Today is August 13th.

The middle of August. The dog days of summer, when we're sweating and short-tempered and wishing desperately for a breeze. All except for this year. Today it is 68. Let me repeat that.

68 degrees.

It's almost lunchtime and it's 68. The high is forecast to be 75. I LOVE this weather! It is overcast, humid, sprinkly, and my hair is currently hearing debate on whether to obey and go straight or rebel into wild curls, but it's nice and COOL outside. Cool to the point of pants and jackets! Can it get any better?

In other good news, my brother is headed back to the States!! He started injections tomorrow into his spinal cord (yee-owch!) and will be on a plane back to his base in CA in a couple of weeks. Very, very good news.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the weather, too!

And GREAT news about your brother!


Sherri said...

Wonderful news about your brother. I will continue to pray for him. Keep us posted.

Angela S said...

Seriously wonderful news about your bro. I'm happy for ya'll!