Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For lunch tomorrow

Tomorrow we are taking a field trip to the Carl Sandburg house. Hey, if it's good enough for Laura Bush to visit on Monday, it's good enough for us. They do a children's play in the morning, which means that we've got to get up and out fairly (very) early to make it all the way out there in time to see it. We're going with a friend and her girls and we made plans to take lunch with us.

Unfortunately, I've been a little busy this week with buying a house, and I just didn't get around to the store to get supplies. Which meant a 10pm grocery store run. And an 11pm lunch making session.

Good times.

Since it's still way too hot to sleep here, I've decided to post my ultra-delicious lunch creation that even my kids l.o.v.e.

Cucumber Ranch Chicken Wraps

Aluminum foil
Large flour tortillas
Bagged salad (I used Field Greens, but you can use whatever)
Sugar snap peas (I love them, L likes them, and K thinks I'm torturing her with them)
Grilled chicken strips
Craisins (we like the cherry flavored ones)
Cucumber Ranch dressing (made by Kraft)

Tear off a square of aluminum foil larger than your tortilla and place it on the counter. Place one tortilla on top of the foil. Top the tortilla with some salad, peas, and chicken. Sprinkle craisins liberally over the top and pour on the dressing. Roll up the tortilla and wrap the foil securely around it.

The foil helps hold the wrap together while you eat it or you could even make this as a salad in a bowl. It's a great lunch option for the quickly approaching school year. Just pair it with some crinkle cut carrots and dip and you've got a healthy, cool lunch. Then toss in a Nutty Bar (like I did) and ruin the whole healthy aspect, but it's still healthier than a PB&J sandwich and some Cheetos, so it's all good.


Will Stranathan said...

* How much aluminum foil?
* How many tortillas?
* How many bags of salad
* How many peas?
* How many grilled chicken strips?
* How many Craisins?
* How much Cucumber Ranch dressing?

The measurements confuse me.

Nancy said...

Those sound yummy and I think my children would eat them. Thanks for sharing! Have fun on your field trip.