Monday, July 28, 2008

Ah, the joys of 4

Right now...

heck, for the past 15 minutes...

L is in her room crying. Crying monstrous tears with loud whining sobs and a few incoherent words thrown in for effect.

The funny thing is, she hasn't come out to tell me *why* she's crying. Using my amazing psychic Supermom powers, I know that she's crying in frustration because she's trying to put clean sheets on her bed and it's not working out so well for her. I'm just not sure why she feels it's more productive to scream and cry than to simply ask for help.

It's just one of those 4-year-old things that no matter how much we work on that problem, it'll keep being a problem until the one moment one day that she just gets it.

Lest you think I'm a mean mom with unreasonable expectations, she asked me to wash her sheets and she asked me to get down her clean ones, so she wanted to try it herself. I simply let her. After all, this is the child who can fold a blanket and pull a full garbage bag out of a trash can nearly as tall as she is without making a mess *all on her own initiative*.

Since I started writing this post, L did come out for a paper towel to wipe her face and to complain that no one was helping her make her bed. We had a discussion about asking vs. crying and the bed is now made. Now to get her to help me fold laundry...

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