Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Going through detox

No, not *that* kind of detox. Sheesh, people.

This kind of detox. A friend sells it and told me about a testimonial from a woman who claimed it completely got rid of her chronic hives. At that, I was sold. Hey, it couldn't hurt and maybe it would finally be the miracle cure for these hives I've had *for 2 years*. My friend said she was going to try it, too, and we could do it together. It finally came in and we started yesterday morning.

It comes in tiny beautiful blue bottles that you mix into 32 oz. of water. Imagine my surprise when the water turned into this.

Hellooooo, this stuff looks more toxic than anything it could be getting out of my system. Now look closely at it and I think you can even get a pretty good idea of how it tastes. In reality, the taste isn't as bad as it could be; it's the aftertaste that gets you.

Surprisingly, I'm not as grossed out by the taste today. I guess it just goes to show you can get used to anything. Next thing you know, I might even start drinking Diet Coke.

Yeah, like that'll ever happen.


Nancy said...

That stuff looks yummm-me.

I hope it helps with your hives situation.

Don't knock diet coke - I have my own little addiction to it. Perhaps I should get some of your detox stuff?

Nancy said...
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Unknown said...

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