Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"It's a Small World After All" - everyone join in!

Well, we made our decision. We are diving in head first and buying the townhouse. After considering all the pros and cons and all of them, the townhouse just came out as better for us.

So to tell you a little about it. I would include pics but I forgot my camera when we signed the papers today and handed over our first chunk of change. So you'll just have to deal with a brief description.

The exterior is stone, shake, and siding and very nice. The floors are wood, tile, and berber carpet (not sure what color yet since it hasn't been installed). The living room has a fireplace. The kitchen has tall dark cabinets, "Absolute Noir Caesarstone" countertops, and stainless steel appliances. There's a breakfast nook and a dining room. The large laundry room comes outfitted with black front-loader washer and dryer with pedestals. The master is downstairs and the bathroom has tall counters and fancy-schmancy faucets. Upstairs the girls have large matching rooms, a 2-sink bathroom, and there's a big loft for Mr. at Home to work from home.

As you can tell, it's got a phenomenal list of upgrades and I didn't even mention most of them. We got the complete list and it happened to have the name of the person who was originally going to buy the place and chose all the upgrades. I didn't really pay attention until the agent was walking us through the place today and mentioned that they had two kids. The pieces then clicked and I realized...

I know them. I go to Sunday School with them.

When their house hadn't sold yet, they had to release the townhome. Just as they had to release, we stopped in at the community and things worked out so that we're buying the home they designed. I love how God worked it all out.

We're closing in less than a month and so tonight the girls and I started packing. There are six boxes lined against the wall so we've got a tiny start. Anyone want to help?


Angela S said...

Wow that is a fabulous situation. I'm really excited for ya! Good luck!

Nancy said...

Sounds beautiful Valerie! When you can post pics!

Heather said...

When can I move in?!! Stainless in the kitchen----COOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL. And front load washer/dryer-you'll love 'em. I've read/heard nothing but positive feedback on them.