Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beautiful Lengths

Today was the day.

THE Day.

The day that K has been working on for over a year.

The day that K got a haircut.

Today K had her 9" ponytail sliced off to donate to Beautiful Lengths, a charity run by Pantene to make wigs for female cancer patients. She was going for Locks of Love, but they had a minimum length requirement of 10" and K wasn't waiting for another inch of hair to grow. Beautiful Lengths only requires 8". So today K got a cute, sporty little bob that she loves and we have an envelope with a tail of beautiful honey blond hair ready to go.

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Angela S said...

She looks great and I'm excited for her. Last year my then 18 year old brother cut off 16.5 inches of beautiful chestnut brown hair. He also donated it, I think to Lol. But last night when they came in to town it was so great to see him a year later and he's still got a fabulously short male haircut. His long hair was awesome but man, he's a stud with it short.