Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Tour Stop #1 - Texas

While in Texas, we stayed with my parents along with my sister and her roommate and my other sister and her three boys. Which, if you're counting, means there were 12 people sleeping at my parents place. We used the house, the RV, and the cabin and there were still children sleeping on the floor. It was crazy, but fun to have everyone there. My sister's roommate Sammy (Sammi?) manages a Build-a-Bear and she brought all the kids tiny stuffed animals and lots of July 4th gear, so she was an instant favorite. They even dressed up Aunt Angela and dragged her into the picture (that's Aunt Bethany, the boys' mom, in the back).

While the girls were at Camp Grandma, K learned to hula-hoop and showed off her mad new skillz. Remember this fact because it will come into play in a later post.

We went to dinner with two of Mr. at Home's sisters and had such a great time at dinner that we went to a local park to continue the fun.

All in all a successful visit.

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