Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In which Grandma discovers that L is so very 4

My two girls have been at Camp Grandma with Head Counselor Grandad for over 2 weeks now. They've been swimming, having playdates, visiting family, watching movies, and doing VBS. That's a pretty busy schedule even for me, and I'm used to the energy required to keep up with the kids.

They're winding down all the entertainment and spent the day getting my Granny moved from the rehab hospital and settled into a nursing home.

Well, at least one of my kids was involved.

L, it seems, has been acting out and getting into things that she shouldn't. This is my child who has issues with boundaries. Earlier this week, she let all the air out of the mattress she's been sleeping on. While Grandma was blowing it back up, L found Grandma's perfume. And liberally doused herself with it.


When the girls were told the plans for today, K decided that she didn't want to drive ALL THE WAY out there, so she spent the day with her Great-Grandmother. L was not allowed to stay there since Great-Grandmother's house isn't exactly child-proof and after the perfume incident, Grandma didn't trust her around all those medicine bottles. Good call. I'm also thinking K might have needed some quiet time away from her high-energy little sister.

While my mom was telling me all this today, I heard her pause and say, "No, L! Get up off that floor! It's dirty!" Yep, L is also in the habit of checking out the comfort of public floors. For no apparent reason.

We're scheduled to arrive at Camp Grandma on Friday and I think my parents will be just as glad as the girls to see the reinforcements riding in.

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