Thursday, August 7, 2008

My 25 things

Since I am buried under packing boxes, cleaning, and homeschooling, I decided to play along with my friends little list. Under the circumstances, it might be easier to come up with 25 tidbits than write a whole coherent post. So here's 25 things you might not know about me.

1. I'm slow. No, really. I tend to be methodical and perfectionist about everything I do, which generally just translates to slow. I also have a supernatural ability to run in slow motion, which I hear is fascinating to watch. That's probably why you won't catch me running anywhere anytime soon.

2. I'm allergic to everything. Everything outside, a lot of foods, my own joint tissue. I'm not usually a hypochondriac, but my body is. Curiously, though, I am not allergic to poison ivy and mosquitoes don't like me. There is some balm in Gilead.

3. I am addicted to reading.

4. I have a collection of books that I read over and over. They're like old friends that never change and yet I always see something new in them each time I read them.

5. I love to sing.

6. I love to camp. I don't love all the work involved, but I love the outdoors and creating those family memories.

7. I took a woodworking class in junior high in spite of the fact that girls were not allowed to take woodworking. It was my first and only stand for womens' rights and you're darn tootin, I was the best carpenter in the class.

8.I don't really watch TV. Every so often, I'll watch an episode of Without a Trace or MASH with Mr. at Home or I'll catch Kim Possible's latest exploits with the girls, but I prefer to sit and waste my time in front of my computer.

9. My current ringtone is the Kim Possible theme song.

10.I cannot stand coffee. Love the smell, hate the taste.

11. I've discovered that it's much easier to clean house when you've got a significant portion of your stuff packed away into boxes.

12. In Texas, schools are classified by size as 1A to 5A. I attended a school of every size during my 13 years of public school.

13. My 1st and 2nd grade classes were a "split class". In 1st-grade, my half of the class faced one chalkboard and the 3rd-grade half of the class faced the other chalkboard. For 2nd-grade, I switched to the other side of the classroom and a new set of first graders took over the little desks. It was a small school and an excellent teacher.

14. I don't give blood because I pass out every time.

15. I played percussion in 6th-grade and high school. I even marched snare drum my last 2 years.

16. I was drum captain my senior year of high school. I was also Science Club President and Computer Science Club Vice-President. Yes, I was an over-achiever and a control freak. Oh, wait, that hasn't changed much.

17. Even though we homeschool and are expected to be involved in all kinds of classes and activities. I prefer to keep our schedule pretty open. That way I avoid a lot of stress and when something cool comes up, we can do it. So if you need someone to join you for a last-minute field trip, I'm your woman.

18. I love to paint walls and I'm not afraid to try bold colors, faux finish techniques, or even murals and they've always turned out beautifully. At first, this tendency scared the pants off Mr. at Home, but he eventually got used to it.

19. I have a weakness for organizational tools. Many years ago I got a job where they paid for a Franklin Covey planner and the yearly refills. From then I've been addicted. I don't carry the big planner anymore, but I have to have my smaller version with me at all times.

20. I can't stand the sound of someone chewing.

21. I am planning to let my kids stay up tonight and watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. After all, it is in China. Stay tuned for a post on all our preparations.

22. I love crafts. But you probably already knew that.

23. I make my kids make their own breakfast.

24. I do not like to be touched. No hugs, no tickling, no hanging on my legs. Even as a baby, I liked to sit in my little seat and watch, but I would scream anytime someone would pick me up.

25. I hate indecision. Just pick a day, a time, a place and move on.

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Angela S said...

There are times when I enjoy human touch but 99% of the time I don't like hugs or kisses ESP from strange people or even friends.