Friday, August 1, 2008

House Pictures!!

We made our way out to the new dance studio this morning. The lady I spoke to on the phone first was so incredibly nice and the studio sounded very similar to our last one, but she had me sold when she was giving me directions to their studio and she said, "Then you go past SuperTarget..."

SuperTarget!!! No way! We're going to live near a SuperTarget!

We went to the studio, then took the road to our new home. It's a back road and the scenery is beautiful. We even go over a tiny arm of the local lake.

I did manage to remember my camera so I could take some pictures of the new place along with my two willing assistants who insisted on being models.

Here's the front. Notice all the trees in the background.
When you open the front door, this is what you see.

That front room is the living room and the space behind the fireplace is the dining area. The hardwood floors are covered in cardboard and the carpet still hasn't been installed, but you'll probably still see the 4-year-old running around like a maniac when you come to visit.

If you go behind the staircase and to the right, you'll see the kitchen.

The stove and microwave will go behind L, the breakfast area is to your left and the laundry room is to your right.

Let's head up the stairs now.

The girls have noted that there's a vent right beside the stairs that feels really good on a hot day.

To the left at the top of the stairs is K's room. She picked it because it has *2* windows. I love that both the girls' rooms have big windows that face the woods in back.

To the right at the top of the stairs is L's room. It is an exact mirror image of K's room with the exception of one small window. Both rooms have these huge, wide closets.

If you take a sharp right at the top of the stairs, you'll find the bathroom and the loft where Mr. at Home will have his work from home office.

This concludes our photographic tour. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Please exit through the front door is at the bottom of the stairs and feel free to drop in again in about a month when construction is finished. By then maybe I'll know what color the carpet is going to be!


Angela S said...

Not at all what I expected it to look like. It sounded nice but the pictures blew me away! And it looks like a ton of space. I particularly love the 1/3 wall between the living and dining. And the picture of 4y running is a keeper. Its amazing and I'm even more happy for you than I was before.

leahbabes said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on your new home, I am happy for you folks! The kitty will have a field day running up and down the stairs and with the windows in the back looking at soooo many trees with birds and squirrels....

Sherri said...

Love your new place! Congratulations! I am sure you guys are going to love it there!