Sunday, June 1, 2008

When you give a blogger a new banner...

...she's going to want you to remove the outlines. Then she'll want it centered. Once it's centered, she'll ask the seemingly simple question of "Can you do one of those little icon things that match my new theme and put it in the address bar - all Web 2.0 like? And can you put the icon in front of all the post titles?" Once you pull off that bit of web design wizardry, she'll want all the fonts and font colors to match her new theme.

Just ask Mr. at Home; he'll tell you it's true.

So do you like the banner? I designed it, but it would never have gotten off my little screen if Mr. at Home wasn't willing to spend all weekend being my Techie Superhero, learning all kinds of new stuff about web templates and graphics and putting it into practice. He didn't even blink when I asked him if it might just maybe be possible to put a little custom icon next to my url in the address bar. Because that would be SO COOL! So he searched and read and fiddled and even moved where my blog is hosted and got it up and running. Do you see it up there? Isn't that SO COOL?!?

My blog revamp isn't entirely finished because Mr. At Home has more grand ideas about how to make it all easier to change and maintain. It is however, looking very close to what I want and I'm just so excited to have My Very Own Look.

Next up, new font colors!


Nancy said...

Love the new look and the "icon that matches it in the address bar"!

Nancy said...

Love the new look and the icon that matches it in the address bar!