Monday, June 23, 2008

It has taken me all day to sit down and write this post

Why has it taken all day to sit myself down and write this post?

Reason #1

Because I slept until 10:30.


And that was even after an indecently long nap yesterday afternoon. SheSpeaks is a fabulous, wonderful, life-changing event, but life-changing can be exhausting.

Reason #2

Mr. at Home called and invited me to lunch. And I wasn't about to miss a lunch date with the coolest guy on the planet so I could write a post.

Reason #3

Right in the middle of that lunch date, the facility that I reserved for a baby shower this weekend (my apartment complex clubhouse) called. You see, they're just not sure if the renovations are going to be complete by Saturday and could we maybe just move it to the theater room?

Ya'll, it almost turned me into a cursing woman.

After an hour or so, a few phone calls, and plenty of tongue-biting, we've gotten things kinda rearranged so they might work. We'll just have to see if the "kinda" and "might" turn into something a little more definite and we get this mother/daughter tea pulled off.

You know, after all that, I'm going to take a break, go do some laundry, and come back and have 2 fabulous posts ready for you about what a fabulous weekend I had and all the fabulous women I met and all the fabulous things I learned.

It'll be fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Hey Valerie!

I'm workin' on a post now, so I had to pop over and say HEY!

I haven't been able to get one written for a number of reasons (including not wanting to cuff myself to the computer when I've been away from my family all weekend!).

It's harder than I thought because HOW DO YOU NARROW DOWN OUR WEEKEND TO A FEW WORDS, ya know??? I keep stalling because to me, the task is daunting.

It was a delight meeting you and it'll be fun to watch how the Lord uses SheSpeaks to alter your future.

Take care!!! :)

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

You have a darling blog. Just popping over to say hello