Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Granny update

After a full week of no progress and none of their efforts working to wean her off the equipment, the doctor has called a family meeting for tomorrow morning.

Please pray that the family and doctor will know the best thing to do for Granny and that the family will be at peace with whatever decisions must be made.

The travel plans for me to get back to NC have been up in the air while we waited. As of this morning, my mother, aunt, and uncle were driving back with me then bringing the girls back with them next week. Now we're tentatively planning to leave tomorrow after the meeting, but it depends on what happens then.

So we're still in waiting mode. It's been disappointing that they have had to keep her sedated my whole visit and they've asked us not to touch or talk to her because she can still hear us and gets agitated. But I know that even if I don't get to talk to her now or get a chance before she dies, we will still have plenty of time for conversation in heaven. And that's reassurance.

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