Saturday, June 14, 2008

The grumpiness of jumping back in

For almost *a whole week* I have had no one else to be responsible for except me. Just me to get showered and dressed and if there was whining about the wardrobe choices, well, I couldn't blame anyone but me and my love of all things that are sweet. Just me to get fed. Just me to get out of the house and into the car. Just me to think about when meeting my friend for coffee. Just me to convince that it was time to go to bed.

(You know I can see those dirty looks you're throwing at me right now out of jealousy. Just remember what your mama told you about your face freezing that way.)

We got back in town last night just in time for me to steam out a tutu, glue L's short hair into a "bun", get 7 people into cars and to an auditorium I have never been to, take advantage of an impromptu opportunity for professional pics of L in costume, find an electrical outlet to charge the video camera, get L to and from backstage, and call ahead to get a table for 7 on a Friday night. This morning we got Father's Day gifts for Mr. at Home and my dad, I remembered half the ingredients for beef carnitas, then had to run back to the store for the other half, and put it all together in time to marinate and cook.

After I sent the girls and Grandma to the pool and started cursing at the work of putting the marinade together, Mr. at Home commented that I seemed angry.

Well, I *was* kinda grumpy. I explained that it's hard to jump back into the "Mom" role after some time off. Because my natural laziness is hard to overcome.

Mr. at Home smiled in agreement and said strangely enough, he completely understood. After a lifetime of being responsible for...himself, he got thrown under the bus and had to take over complete responsibility for the house and the girls. Poor guy, but he did a great job. The girls were still alive and well and the house was cleaner than I usually have it.

Only a weekend of "Mom" work, then we load our visitors and the girls into their jeep and they head back to Texas for Camp Grandma and Grandad. Peace and quiet will reign.

And I'll be missing all the chaos like crazy.

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Starr LaPradd said...

How timely your post was as I read it today! My 5 year old son just left a couple hours ago to spend two weeks with my parents at the coast. We have never done that before and I feel quite strange being here in the house with the freedom of doing ONLY what I want to do! Not sure where to start!! Thought about taking a nap, eating some cake, but ended up here on the computer. By the time I figure out what to do with myself, it will be time for hubby and me to go get my son from the beach! Oh Well! I will just enjoy having a quiet house while it lasts.
Thanks for sharing!