Thursday, June 5, 2008

Updates on the medical issues round here

Ok, they're technically not "round here". One is in Texas and one in Iraq, but we're following them closely from here.

The current news on my Granny is that she is continuing to improve in small steps. They have her completely sedated because every time she starts to wake up, she starts pulling out her breathing tube. They are running a huge battery of tests and we're waiting for the results. She's not out of danger, but she is better. For now I'm waiting to see what happens before making any plans to go out there.

I also got to talk to my brother Aaron in Iraq. He, his chaplain, and the Red Cross are working to get him on a plane back to Texas because of Granny's situation. He won't get official approval until tomorrow, but they told him to pack tonight so it looks like it's going through.

In other Aaron news, there is a possibility that his back injury might get him bounced out of Iraq and stationed back in the States. He's under orders to do *nothing* for 10 days, then if there's still a problem, he'll see a specialist. Of course, the trip to Texas will delay that, but it's a good sign.

So we're all in a wait and see pattern.

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Tonya said...

wow I hope everyone is doing better. I also read about your allergies and sleepless nights. Hope they are better now too.