Thursday, June 26, 2008

A post just for K

Here you go, K, a sneak peek at what your room looks like so far...

I took the flower decals off the front of your cabinet and replaced them with flipflops made from scrapbook paper and foam flowers and leaves. I also put all your earrings in your butterfly holder neatly. Please try to keep them that way.

I hope you like the new sheets as much as Tinker (our cat, for those not in the know). She's being taking naps up there lately. I love the flowers I found to go around your lamp. By the way, do you want to keep the Cars poster or put up the beach picture I drew for Grandma?

I put all your trophies on the shelf and found a way to display your FIRST PLACE tournament medal. I even hung up your team photo. I know they're missing you at the summer practices, but you'll be home soon to join them.

Did I tell you what a great job you did on your CAT test? Your scores came back and they are fabulous. Your lowest score was spelling and your best was social studies, but you did very well overall.

I miss you girls lots. It's been way too quiet here and I haven't had an excuse to go to the pool since you left. Just one week from now and Dad and I will be pulling into Grandad's driveway, ready to see you.

I can't wait!

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