Thursday, June 19, 2008

Confession time

I did not even open the file containing my article yesterday. I thought about it and mentally changed one phrase, but I filled my time with some cleaning that desperately needed to be done and some that I just wanted to do. So I tied my hair up in a bandanna, which is my way of getting into the cleaning mindset, and went to work. I cleaned the master bath first and about 10 minutes after I started, I remembered my iPod. But it was downstairs and I was elbow-deep in Comet, so I finished the whole room, singing to myself. Because cleaning just isn't cleaning without some tunes.

Then iPod going full-blast, I cleaned the girl's bathroom, rejoicing that it will STAY clean this time since they are out of town - whoopee! Yes, it the little things in life that thrill me.

After that, I was still jamming with the tunes, so I tackled my big project for my mommy vacation.

I cleaned K's room.

Now K is pretty good about keeping things generally picked up, but she is a packrat. How much of one, I didn't realize until I started cleaning her room. Shhh, don't tell her, but I threw out 2 garbage bags and 1 large box full of *junk* - happy meal toys, scraps of paper, old watch bands, church bulletins, and who knows what all else. I figure the girl's going to be gone for over a month and she won't remember any of it by the time she gets back. I cleaned out every drawer, shelf, and box and reorganized everything.

Basically so she can spend next school year collecting more junk.

At any rate, things are looking better in there and I have a few more things I want to finish before K comes home and we redecorate her room as a tropical paradise. Hummn, maybe I should get a beach chair and escape into there every once in awhile myself. But the rest will have to wait as I refocus on the SheSpeaks stuff. I completely finished my article this morning - down to 750 words one the nose, thankyouverymuch. This afternoon I'm using my Mother's Day gift certificate and getting a pedicure.

Yes, that's for the conference.

Ok, maybe it's just for me :-)

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