Monday, June 2, 2008

Socialization of a 7-year-old homeschooler

Considering that our summer tour is coming up quickly, I'm putting in some advance prep for next school year. I've pretty much settled on our curriculum, but I'm still working on what our "extras" will be.

"Extras" are the outside classes and activities that supplement what we do at home. Like socialization and learning to interact with peers.

Because I just don't have a gaggle of 7- and 4-year-olds cluttering up my living room.

So far -

Wednesday - (afternoon) dance class for L, (evening) church classes for both
Thursday - (morning) Bible study with age-appropriate classes for both

K will play either basketball or softball, but I have got to find at least one class for her. One filled with kids (preferably girls) her age where they have some time to interact because she needs some more opportunities to find new friends.

You see, K isn't terribly confident when it comes to making friends. She doesn't know how to introduce herself and join in whatever activity is going on. She's always been kind of a control freak (yeah, yeah, I know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) and would much rather be in the center of things rather than the new-comer.

In light of that, I'm looking for a class or a co-op for K and I'm going to try to work on something myself. You see, since I moved out here, I have yet to find a really good friend that I call up and invite out for coffee or to go to the movies. The two closest women that fit that description are moving away this month, so my search has to start all over. I am going to be intentional about calling people up more often and planning play dates and visits. I'm going to be an example to my daughter that the persistence and the awkwardness involved in starting a friendship is worth it.

I've even already started. We met one friend and her daughters for a movie today, bringing home K's best friend to spend the night. That same friend is coming to swim tomorrow and another friend is coming over with her kids to swim and cook out on Wednesday. Yes, one look at my overflowing calendar for the next 2 days makes me want to hide under my blankets, but friendships do take work. And the reward is fantastic.

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