Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A confidence boost

Tonight after dinner I shut myself up in the bedroom and hammered out the ending for my article. I am happy to say it is completely written and only 31 words over the limit - yes!! Tomorrow I plan to work it down to 750 words and get two copies double-spaced, printed, and ready for Friday's peer review. I will be so happy to have that task completed.

In other news, my Valerie at Home business cards arrived in the mail yesterday and they look fabulous. It's so cool to actually have business cards again. You know, like I'm a grown-up. And since I had business cards, I needed a little case to carry some in, so I made a trip out to my favorite Target and bought the last little red card holder they had. It perfectly matches the sassy new bag I found to carry my laptop, my cards, and those double-spaced copies of my article.

I have been wanting/needing a laptop bag and I had created this vision of the *perfect* bag. Small enough to be easy to carry, but large enough to carry everything I need. Stiff sides so I could slide it upright under my chair. A few pockets to organize stuff, but plenty of open space to put odd sized items. The absolute most essential feature was that it had to be *cute* AND affordable.

Do you know what?

I actually found it.

I was wandering through Wal-Mart with my mom last week and there was my vision sitting on a shelf in the craft section. Bold black and white pattern with red straps. Stiff and sturdy construction, large interior, and pockets on the outside of one end. And $19.96. I snatched it up and haven't let go of it since. Technically, it's a sewing/craft bag (one end is padded and is supposed to be a pin cushion), but it makes one heck of an "I'm going to a conference and need to carry lots of stuff while looking like a Cool Rock Star" bag.

Even if my peer reviewers hate my article, at least they'll rave about my bag.