Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So much going on

Today I was planning a cookout with a friend and her kids who will soon be moving to Louisiana. Unfortunately, they had a hard day and weren't able to make it. There is much up in the air regarding their future, including whether they are even moving after all, and the confusion and uncertainty is taking a toll on them.

30 seconds after I hung up from my friend, my mother called. My paternal grandmother, Granny, is in the ICU and the prognosis from the doctor is grim. Her health has been going down for several years and she has been experiencing many more problems lately. This latest crisis has not been unexpected, but it is still a hard thing. Currently, she is stabilized, but she recognizes no one and the doctor is still saying it could be anytime.

This evening as I spoke to my mother again, I learned more about my brother's situation. He is in the army and on his second tour in Iraq. Over Memorial Day weekend, he and his men were out on a mission when their truck hit a land mine. My brother is the guy who sits on top of the vehicle behind the machine gun and the shock wave from the blast threw him out. The guys were stuck in the mine field for over 12 hours as they painstakingly searched out land mines and detonated them so they could get out. My brother, Aaron, suffered a concussion and the doctor reading the CAT scan saw something he couldn't identify, so the scan results have been shipped off to a specialist and we're waiting on the results. Aaron also has deep, severe bruising on his legs and back - even his kidneys were bruised - and the doctors have said it will be a long healing process. Last we heard, he is on "light duty" and lots of painkillers.

There is much cause for prayer in the At Home house tonight and my own plans are up in the air. The last essential load of laundry is in the dryer so that if I get a call during the night, I can pack up and head home to Texas tomorrow.

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Nancy said...

I'll be praying here. Keep us posted.