Saturday, December 1, 2007

While we were in the hospital

There were several funny things that happened while we were in the hospital and now that all the drama is over, I can start sharing some of the humorous side of things. Because you know that I will go looking for the funny side. It's just my personality.

On Wednesday we were wasting time waiting (don't you love all those "w"s?) and ended up in the playroom for the second craft of the day. One little girl was already there, sitting in her little race car cart, hooked up to her IV. K started making smalltalk and asked the girl what she was in for, kinda like something that might happen in a prison lunchroom. This little girl had gotten a stomach virus and ended up dehydrated. She went to the emergency room Sunday and it wasn't looking too good for going home on Wednesday. Sheesh! Heart surgery = 3 day hospital stay. Stomach flu = 4+ day hospital stay.

So if you ever find yourself listening to your doctor say, "I'm sorry, but Little Johnny is going to need heart surgery," don't panic. Draw your hand across your forehead in an exaggerated fashion and exclaim, "Whew! At least it's not the stomach flu!"

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