Friday, December 21, 2007

My kids need to get out more

I was the very nice Mom today that let my daughters open one of their Christmas presents early. Gifts have been pouring in from very nice aunts, uncles, great- aunts, great-uncles, and grandparents and I figured to avoid the Christmas day overload, we could spread the cheer out a little.

Yesterday, I used the money my aunt had sent the girls for Christmas as a bribe. "If you finish your schoolwork quickly, I'll take you to the store to spend your money." We finished up the first semester yesterday and we were all ready for the break. We headed to Target where the toy aisles were packed even in the middle of the day. K chose some more tiny animals to stuff with her stuffing machine and L picked out a Barbie kitchen (I had a *very* had time convincing her to not get a toy she already has under the tree). So they each had one gift to occupy them last night.

Then W helped K get her webkinz online and we haven't seen her since. She has holed up in her room on her computer with the headphones on and we periodically check to make sure she's still breathing. She's discovered a whole new world that she had only heard rumors of and she's happily playing checkers to win "money" she can spend at the "store" on stuff for her webkinz' virtual alter egos. She's surfaced to eat and inform us that she wants another webkin for her birthday. (Smart kid knows that Santa has already bought all her gifts.) As proof that she's overplaying, she took her "bunnies" to the "doctor" who informed her that they weren't smiling because they were tired and she needed to let them sleep. Thank you Webkinz company for programming some common sense into your world! W has since taken both girls to the library.

Today we let them open the big box from Grandma and Grandad (that did entice K away from her computer for a little bit). L got a beautiful doll and chair and K got a movie she's been wanting for *months*. They also got some little things in the stocking Grandma always fixes them. L was *fascinated* with one of her gifts.

Not the doll.

Not the really cute teddy bear chair that came with the doll.

Not the Dora candy holder.


She wasn't fascinated that it was pink or that it has a really cute Hello Kitty dangle. She came running to me crying "Watch!! Watch!!" because you can click and the tip comes out and click again and it goes back in.

Yes, folks, if you're still looking for that perfect gift for the 3-year-old in your life, try a ball-point pen. That clicks.

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