Friday, December 28, 2007

The Death of the Mom Bag

You've heard of the Mom Bag, I'm sure. It's the purse that's big enough to tote around the whole house, but don't confuse it with the behemoth bags carried by young Hollywood starlets. Just to help you distinguish the two, here's how to identify a Mom Bag.

You can open up any Mom Bag and find the following:

Diapers and wipes
Leaky juice cup
Snack crumbs covering the bottom turned to mush by the leaky juice cup
Coins to bribe the kids with rides on the Ernie fire truck in front of WalMart for good behavior
Gum to fill the kids mouths so maybe they'll be quiet for 1 minute
Cell phone to call for emergency childcare backup
Calendar so you don't take child#1 to soccer when you should be taking child #2 to dance
Business card with doctor info so you can fill out those forms in the emergency room
Toys to entertain the kids in case of an emergency room visit
Kleenex for nasty noses
Various wrappers and other trash that the kids just hand over to Mom

As you can imagine, the Mom Bag is heavy, bulky, and usually a bit smelly.

For the Christmas season, I switched to small holiday bag and now that the season is over, it was time to switch back to one of my Mom Bags. But I just didn't want to go back there. So when I headed to Target last night for scrapbooking glue, I made a little detour through the purse section and found a sassy *little* red purse on heavy clearance. Nice. It's the perfect size to carry the important stuff and too small to get overwhelmed with the flood of crud that defines the Mom Bag. And did I mention it's sassy? And red?

So let's take a moment and mourn the death of the Mom Bag.

Ok, that's long enough!

I'm sure the Mom Bag will still make limited appearances in my life, but I'm hoping to keep it confined to things like field trips, not Target trips.

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