Thursday, December 20, 2007

Coats optional

We went to a friend's house yesterday to give the girls some playtime and the moms some adult conversation time. These things are important, you know. I made K and L wear socks (the horror!) and coats. Actually, K insisted on just a sweatshirt and I didn't push it. We walked to their neighborhood playground and once there, every one of the 5 girls dumped their coats (and sweatshirt) off on the bench and ran around playing. In short sleeves. In L's case, short sleeves and capris. She insisted she wasn't cold. Whatever.

On the way home from our friends, we stopped at the store. Where I waited for L to put her socks *back* on. (What is it with socks?!?) L finally gets her shoes put back on and we head into the store. And I notice that both girls have left their coat/sweatshirt in the car. And it's *cold*. Here I am in my coat and I can just imagine what the other shoppers are thinking. Any second they're going to be pulling out their cell phones and dialing CPS, "There's a woman here at the grocery store and *she's* dressed for the cold, but her kids are almost naked!" (because you know they would exaggerate like that)

It's not my fault! I *try* to keep them adequately dressed for the weather, but they insist on taking off whatever I put on them and running around like they don't even feel the cold. After the hundredth time of telling them to put their coat back on, I figure there's no better way to learn than experience.

At least I made them wear socks.

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