Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today is brought to you by the letter W

I added a neW blog to my blog roll. A Wonderful neW blog that I think has a lot of potential and one I think everyone should read :-)

The new blog?

Will at Home

WoW, What a coincidence that it has a very similar name to mine! And Would you look at that. It has a very similar url, too. What are the odds?

W (Mr. at Home) has long had a professional blog read by hundreds of people all over the World, but it frustrated him that he couldn't branch too far off his basic subject. Then I inspired him by my amazing blogging proWess (that or my ability to find a captive audience for my ramblings) and he started his oWn "at home" blog.

So go check it out. Add it to your RSS reader, your blog roll, and your list of "I need to check this everyday" Websites. Then leave him a comment Welcoming him to the World Wide Blogosphere. Tell him his Wife sent you.

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