Friday, December 14, 2007

In today's news...

In the midst of endless schoolwork, mountains of laundry, and the guilt over the million other tasks I *should* be doing, a friend called. She, another friend, and their combined 6 little girls were at the shopping center near my house. They were eating ice cream and chatting while their girls ran wild around the fountain and did I want to join them? Duh. She had to ask? After all, socialization is such an important part of homeschooling. Especially for the moms.

So we combed our hair and walked over to meet them. I was totally The Best Mom in the Whole World because I let L wear her beloved flip-flops. Because it's hot outside. That's just wrong, folks. It's December and we're traipsing around in capris and flip-flops. What is this world coming to???

On the way over, I decided it would also be a perfect time to walk a little further and pick up stamps so I could actually get the Christmas cards mailed out before New Years. So we played until L decided she *had* to go potty, then headed over to the grocery store for a bathroom and the stamps. I then spent the 1/2 mile back home chasing L who, being "tired of walking", decided to run the entire way home.

The cards are now stamped and waiting to be picked up by our trusty postal worker, so you should get yours soon. I also did my part to save gas and stop pollution. And work off the ice cream calories.

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