Thursday, December 13, 2007

K's Christmas Story

K's assignment yesterday was to write the Christmas story using her spelling words (which were things like Mary, shepherds, Bethlehem, etc). She excitedly sat down with the toy nativity set and a piece of paper and searched long and hard for the perfect opening sentence. (Yes, folks she not only looks like me, she acts like me.) After filling up the fron of her paper, she asked if she could type it. I started the text program on the big Mac and plopped her down in front of it. For the rest of the day. And a lot of the evening. And a long time again this morning.

Finally she asked if I could print it. Finally! I noticed that all the spelling words were all correct and she had very carefully fixed every word so that none had the squiggly red line underneath. Of course, it still made for an interesting result.

So here for your viewing pleasure. K's version of the Christmas story.


This is the story of are savor . Who saved us from sin.Yes I am talking about Jesus . Well it all started wen Mary met Gabriel a angel of the Lord . Gabriel told Mary, you are to have a baby. Gabriel left. Mary thought how? Im only engaged. But she ow-bade. She told Joseph, the one she was engaged to. Joseph did not believe Mary. That night Joseph had a dream the angel came in it saying, you will marry Mary, she will have a baby you will name him Jesus! Then Joseph went striate Mary. The king wanted to tax the people. So all the families went to there home town. Then Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem Joseph home town. Mary rode on a donkey. And Joseph walked. They finely reach Bethlehem. they Were trying to find a place to stay. All the people they asked said no. But wen they reached one house the man said, no room unless you want to sleep in my stable. so they did. And it was just in time for Jesus to be born. angels came to the shepherds singing. You will find baby Jesus raped in swaddling clothes ling in a manger. The shepherds were filled with joy. And this is the resin we have Christmas to celebrate Christ Jesus.


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Good work, K!!! Keep up the writing.