Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's all in the wording

I made us chicken wraps for lunch today. Grilled chicken strips, lettuce, craisins, and cucumber ranch dressing - yummy and oh so healthy. Cause you know how important that healthy part is to me. (Don't hurt yourself laughing over that last one.)

L, after having a very difficult morning where she ran tearfully off to the bathroom saying, "You're not being very nice to me!" (honey, if you only knew the restraint I have exercised this morning), finally reappeared.

I pointed her to the table and announced, "There's your lunch."

Belligerently, she stated, "I didn't want a taco!"

"It's not a taco; it's a wrap."

"Oh, okay." And she started eating.

The name makes all the difference.

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