Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So what did you get for Christmas?

L's big gift was a polly-sized princess castle with a million tiny accessories. She was in princess heaven. She also got a new princess Barbie and a Barbie car. She ran and got the other princess Barbie so they could go on a car trip. Her favorite part was pressing both their necklaces so they each sang their very different songs at the same time.

K's big gift was a teeny-tiny polly car race track, named Race to the Mall. You use these hot wheel-sized cars with teeny-tiny polly drivers and they do a loop, go up the escalator, and swirl around before either doing it all again or heading out to visit the food court.

Mr. at Home's favorite gift was a tiny electronic gadget called an Arduino. He got giddy with joy when he opened it and immediately got out his electronics learning lab and went to work making LEDs blink. I've heard these Arduino things can be pretty cool so it'll be interesting to see what he can make it do.

I, my friends, hit the jackpot this year. Mr. at Home has all these reward points at work that he's never used as they never seem to have anything on the reward list that he wants. Then he also got his 10 year anniversary gift thing where he had to choose a gift from a list and again there was nothing he wanted. So he got my gifts from there. Woohoo! I came out with a beautiful watch, a cool set of flatware, a really nice set of bakeware, and a fabulous set of luggage. So I can now bake, serve, travel, and get there on time. In style. Add in the dishware from my parents and the scrapbooking set from my SILs and I am spoiled rotten.

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