Monday, December 17, 2007


Remember when I was complaining because it just didn't feel like December here in NC? That it was awfully hot to be so close to Christmas?

Well, it got cold.

All at once.

And you know what happens when it's almost 80 one day and 40 the next?

That's right! People get sick!

Either my allergies are desperately revolting against the sudden weather change or I've caught a cold virus. I've been sitting in my chair feeling puny and sorry for myself for 2 days. Because I can kinda breathe when I'm sitting straight up. Any other time, breathing is sponsored by Afrin Severe Congestion Nasal Spray and Alka-Seltzer Plus in the Zesty Orange flavor. At least I think that's what that flavor is called and I'm too tired to trudge upstairs and find out for sure.

I wasn't a complete chair potato today. I did a couple of loads of laundry after K came flying up the stairs and woke me up with, "L's nose is bleeding!" We finally got that under control (and I didn't even faint), but it did necessitate stripping the bed and washing the sheets.

W's coworker, who's wife teaches TK, sent over some crafts for the girls. There were 3 separate activities and I managed to figure out 1 of them. So I set the girls to cutting strips and let them make a really long paper chain (DH later said he thought it was supposed to be Japanese lanterns, but it made a great paper chain). I even lifted L's scissor ban and let her work on her fine motor skills and hand strength by cutting many dozens of paper strips. We hung the chain from our banister and it looks very nice. Now to email the TK teacher and ask what we're supposed to do with the other stuff she sent. Anyone know of a craft that uses paper egg carton "cups", jingle bells, white glitter, gray paint, and ornament hooks?

I also organized all the girls' finished seatwork into notebooks, made lunch and dinner, cleaned the kitchen, *and* made 2 loaves of banana bread. I had 4 bananas that *would not* wait another day. That took awhile as I must confess to being a loser and only owning 1 loaf pan. Woe is me. I added chocolate chunks to the batter for the second loaf and it was very, very tasty. (Thank you, Marybeth, for the recipe and the chocolate tip!)

So, in spite of the crud that has taken up residence in my head, it was actually a fairly productive day. As a reward, I'm going to fix myself a small glass of sparkling orange medicine and go to bed.

G'night, folks.

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Will Stranathan said...

How about bells as Christmas tree ornaments? Invert the egg holders, paint them grey, glitter heavily, hang a jingle bell inside and a hook outside.

Or a Chrismas omelette?