Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Quiet Families

I read a post about The Quiet Family over on Scribbit's blog and was inspired to try my own hand at creating a set. Or two. When you have two girls, you can't get away with making just one of anything.

My wonderful, excellent Mr. at Home gave me a couple of hours off yesterday afternoon and I went off to the store to find the wooden game pieces, boxes, tiny painted toys, and felt. Less than $10 total. After dinner, I pulled out my supplies and got started. I painted the boxes and the dads and used scraps of fabric, ribbon, and scrapbooking fibers to cover the moms, girls, and babies. I lined the boxes with felt so the pieces wouldn't get knocked around (after all, this is the Quiet family) and packed them all up.

The girls *loved* them. I let K pick out the colors, fabrics, and hair for hers, but I did L's after she had gone to bed, so I had to pick out hers myself. The hair was hard as I was running out of stuff that was "hair colored", so her dolls have some...interesting hair. I did discovered that ribbon worked much better as clothes than the fabric and L was overjoyed at her "ballerina princess". This morning I had a hard time tearing them away from playing with their families to get them focused on school. Yep, the Quiet families were a success.


Susan Skitt said...

Oh my nieces would love this. One of them is enthralled with "little" things.

Scribbit said...

Aren't they fun? There are so many ways you could go with it too, like making characters for your favorite fairy tales or Bible stories. Tiny is always cute, right?