Monday, January 28, 2008

Eh....I got nothing

After a long and desperate search, I have found that I have nothing really worthwhile to say today.

I'm so sorry.

I *could* complain that I feel like I've been sick since Halloween with a variety of colds and other viruses. Add that to the on-going trauma of the allergies and my current sinus headache, I feel about as exciting as a wet rag. But no one wants to hear about all that.

Perhaps I could pass on a little warning to parents of elementary-age daughters. It seems that little girls have found a new way to diss each other. As K was getting in the car after girl scouts last week, I was treated to the tail end of a conversation between her and an older friend (of the "Yes, I will", "No, you won't" variety). It seems that the older girl was trying to look cool in front of her friends and was threatening to un-friend K on the Webkinz site. Ah, school girl spats in the internet age. We had to have a talk about how M was just trying to make her friends think she was cool by trash-talking and she would completely forget about it before she got home and actually carried through on her horrifying threat *and* she would still be begging to play next time we got together without the other 9-year-old friends.

I could astonish you with the fact that my house is in a fabulous state of *clean*. I updated the girls' chore charts taking into account the fact that they are old enough to be taking on more household tasks. Their hard work inspired Mr. at Home to create a chore chart of his own, so he's been helping to keep up with housework, too. Don't worry that I'm sitting around watching soaps and eating bonbons while my family is hard at work; I just figure my chore chart would be too long, complex, and dynamic to print. Saturday morning we did a thorough cleaning, even moving furniture to vacuum under it, which inspired us to once again put on our hospitality hats and invite someone over for dinner. So last night we had some new friends over and had a good time eating some of Mr. at Home's amazing spaghetti, watching the kids play, and discussing everything from Bill and Ted movies to the emergent church and the post-modern world.

Just so we don't forget to discuss L, I could tell you that we are a completely diaper and pull-up free household. FINALLY. We would have weeks of success, then relapses into frequent accidents. So I decided that the night-time pull-up was causing confusion and, despite the fact that I'm not sure she's ever been dry in the morning, I took it away. And it worked. In the 2 weeks or so since that fateful decision, she hasn't wet the bed and she's only had a couple of daytime accidents.

For having nothing to write about, I sure went on and on. Brevity. I don't have it.

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