Friday, January 11, 2008

New clothes and a super sale

Now don't go quoting me on this, but I *heard* that you can go to Old Navy now, pick up some really cute and heavily clearanced clothes, then take the receipt back when they go on even deeper clearance (like this weekend or so) and get a refund for the difference. Based on this information, we made a trip to the new Old Navy, just to see what we could find. Here's what L wore out today. Is there anything cuter than a little girl in knee-highs? Especially with frogs on them!

So we came home with some new stuff. I let the girls pick what they liked in sizes that *ought* to be big enough to wear next fall, too. They got some really cute stuff that is so totally their own personal style. Even these matching shirts.

A new pair of fleecy pajama pants is K's favorite. (She hasn't taken them off since I made her model them for pictures.) She also loves her new puffy vest, which is exactly what she wanted from the moment she walked in.

L stuck to her favorite color pink and found some very cool pants and a sparkly striped sweater.

You know my favorite part of all this? I only paid a few dollars for each thing!

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