Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Ramblings

Because I have a lot of little things I could mention and not enough brain power (or at least uninterrupted time) to put them in paragraph format.

  • At this moment I am listening to random burbling, whining, and gasping from a 3-year-old with a stuffy nose who is being *forced* to eat the lunch *she asked for*. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.
  • On a positive note, L learned to write her first word today--"Hi".
  • I discovered that the little wire things we thought were handles to pull out the futon are actually supposed to hold the mattress in place. Woohoo, we solved the sliding mattress problem!
  • I came up with a fun, inexpensive, and relatively easy idea for L's birthday party that will thrill the hearts of her and all her 5-year-old girl friends (curious how all of her best friends are 5). Because I don't care how cool the new bowling alley/game room/jump room place is, I am *not* shelling out that kind of cash for a party.
  • On Sunday, I came down with a horrible stomach virus (food poisoning?) that kept me curled in a ball in bed most of the day. At one point I had Mr. at Home bring me some ginger ale and I discovered a valuable piece of information after I had finished most it. I am DEATHLY ALLERGIC to ginger ale. Between the virus and the hives, I felt so bad I *couldn't even cry*.
  • It is a horrible thing to have stomach issues and be allergic to lemon, lime, and ginger ale.
  • Mr. at Home is a saint for taking over care of the girls Sunday and Monday. He kept them downstairs and away from me, took them while he ran errands, fed them McD's, and played substitute teacher for homeschool. All while he took care of me, too.
  • We switched L from pull-ups to panties at night and she hasn't had an accident in 4 days and nights. (cue Hallelujah Chorus)
  • Being incapacitated for 2 days means that there is a ton of housework to catch up on.
  • By the way, L did finish her lunch.
  • The next 2 day vacation I get from mommyhood better not involve a stomach virus!


Lysa TerKeurst said...

Here's hopinf that you can have a non-sick mommy day off soon!

Sweet Blessings~

Angela S said...

Ok that is a lot of good and bad news! I'm so sorry you were sick and actually even more that you had an allergic reaction to something you were trying to use to help feel better. But aren't good dad's amazing?! Seriously! They rock my world!