Sunday, January 20, 2008

A trade in my favor

Last week a friend asked to borrow an air mattress and pump, so I took them over one afternoon and we stayed to play. We were flipping through a kid's clothes magazine and remarking about how they're such simple clothes, but so very expensive. I mean why spend $20+shipping for a shirt you could make for $5. It all led to me borrowing her sewing machine for the weekend.

I can just hear the announcer now, "Ladies, start your machines!"

4 visits to 3 stores for patterns (99 cents - on sale!), fabrics (1/2 price!), and notions (thread and buttons) and I was finally ready to sew. I sat down about noon on Saturday and by 3:15 the girls both had new dresses. *Cute* and warm new dresses. L loves dresses so she was easy to convince. K, on the other hand, hates dresses, but she really needed more church clothes. I managed to bribe her with her absolute favorite fabric - fleece - in one of her favorite patterns - Raggedy Ann. Grandma has been kind and generous enough to keep the girls supplied with fleece blankets for their bed and the very first blanket she made for K was a Raggedy Ann one that looks very similar to the print on K's new dress. The jumpers were ridiculously easy to make, even if I did have to use 2 completely different patterns, and I made them big enough that *hopefully* they'll still fit next winter.

Yep, I definitely got the better end of the trade.

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