Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick Kid Funnies

The girls both had some recordable moments today, which I thought I'd share. Really, I'm just not up to writing a real post tonight. I've got one preheating, so hopefully I'll get it organized, written, and posted tomorrow for all you to feast on. Tonight, however, you'll just have to be satisfied with these cocktail wieners on sticks.

After spending the morning in CBS (Community Bible Study), L was obsessed with it the rest of the day and kept popping up with comments about "Bible Study" and "Miss Nancy" and "CBS" and "CVS" (obviously she's worried about running out of Benadryl and movie snacks). At one point she came up with "CVS! org!...cyberspace!"

She's a kid of the 21st century. Or at least a PBS addict.

K had apparently been seriously contemplating the date and the fact that we are almost finished with January. She asked, "If a month goes by so fast, how come a year seems so long?"

Honey, if you only knew.

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