Tuesday, January 22, 2008

HSM and HM

If you have young girls in your home, you know exactly what those initials stand for.

High School Musical and Hannah Montana.

My girls aren't the screaming, fanatical fans that some are. Probably because I'm just not cool enough to shell out a few hundred dollars for concert tickets. They do, however, *love* to watch the movies and the shows and joyfully sing along with the TV.

A month or so ago, K saw some pants with the HSM logo that she absolutely fell in love with, even to the point of talking about saving up her own money to buy them. That, my friends, is 7-year-old love. I had never seen said pants as I think it was Grandma that found them, but I have heard plenty about how they're pink and the legs zip off. True fashion, right there.

After a long and desperate journey, a box arrived at our door this afternoon containing the girls Christmas gift from Mr. at Home's sister Colleen and her family. Lo and behold, that aunt is psychic and she had sent the girls matching sets of the coveted pants with HSM jackets and HM shirts. K finally had her pants and another knit jacket (which that girl is obsessed with and has a growing collection of) and L was ecstatic that she had her very own "big girl" clothes.

So, thank you, Colleen, for sending the perfect clothes for the girls.

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