Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Day, Another Crisis

We managed to get in a really long, good Bible lesson in this morning, catching up from where we dropped off to do the Christmas story and enjoying the history of Joshua. I introduced the new memory passage of Psalm 1.

Yes, the whole chapter.

Sheesh, it's only 6 verses. Stop complaining, people.

Then our friends arrived and the girls disappeared into their respective rooms to do...whatever it is that little girls do. They reappeared periodically to ask questions like "Can I borrow your computer so our Webkinz can hang out together?" and "Can you put this wedding dress on me?" and "Can I have a snack?" No, but I'll fix lunch.

I head into the kitchen, dump a bag of fish sticks on a tray and turn on the oven to preheat. You know, we've been having some issues with the oven the last couple of days, maybe I'll check to see if it's getting hot. Open it up, the top heating element is working, but the bottom doesn't seem to be. Look a little closer. I see the problem. The bottom heating element is broken. Not in just that it isn't getting hot. It's literally broken into 2 pieces. Fabulous.

This is why I love living in an apartment. I called the office to report the problem and they're going to send someone over to look at it today. There will be no repairman leaning back on his heels and saying stuff like, "Yep, it'll run ya." Someone else is responsible for fixing and paying for it. Of course, they'll probably have to order a replacement part so it looks like it'll be a couple of days before I can bake anything.

I did a quick mental check of the food inventory and realized I have nothing else in sufficient quantities to feed 5 people. Nothing that didn't require the oven. And massive effort. So I announced to the kids that we would be going out for lunch. You know what they did? They groaned! And complained! And K pleaded to stay home and eat leftovers! Where are these kids FROM?!?

So we raided the fridge. The oldest girls ate chicken and pasta, the younger girls ate scrambled eggs, and I had sausage balls from the NYE party. Cheaper than eating out and it helps keep the fridge clean and uncluttered. It's a win-win situation! At the moment they're in the kitchen scooping up ice cream because I said they could have it, but *I* wasn't making it for them. I'm too busy blogging, because what fun is a crisis if you can't share it with the world?

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