Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Out with the old, it's Happy New Year!

I'm hoping your New Year has gotten off to a fabulous start. Of course, for those of us who are parents of young children who let them stay up far too late last night, it's been a bit of a whine-fest so far.

Of course, the fun of hanging out with good friends last night makes even the whine-fest more bearable.

Today has been a day of clean starts. Clean being the operative word. This is my refrigerator after Mr. at Home commented on the smell in there again.
I even reconfigured the door shelves.
It's a beautiful sight. I was inspired by my work in the fridge, that I continued and cleaned the whole kitchen, then started cleaning the living room, which let to putting away all the Christmas decorations and organizing the coat closet so all the games would fit back neatly on their shelf.
Now we don't have to duck and cover every time we open the coat closet!

After all that physical exertion, I sat down and finished my photo backup of 2007. Tomorrow will involve a trip to the post office to ship off the backup CDs, my sister and BIL gifts, and my other sister's gift. Well, maybe I'll just commit to getting them there this week. I wouldn't want to overexert myself on Day 1.

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