Thursday, August 30, 2007

We get to be in a parade

Saturday is the fabulous Matthews Alive festival, which we visit every year to watch the parade, ride the carnival rides, explore the crafts, climb over the fire trucks, make the kids crafts, and indulge in a little carnival food. Because every balanced diet needs to include some carnival food every once in awhile.

This Saturday, we won't be watching the parade because we'll actually be in the parade, which has K over the moon with excitement. It's been one of her dearest dreams for several years now. We'll be riding the float sponsored by Christian Adoption Services and Wendy's. On a side note, a couple of years ago, that float got caught on one of the balloon arches and jerked rather suddenly causing poor Wendy to grab her handhold very quickly, so we could use some smooth ride prayers :-)

So it's another exciting Saturday in our world full of outdoor games and activities and my only hope is that it will be less hot and humid this time. The high is forecast at 86, so we'll see.

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