Thursday, August 30, 2007

My little ballerina

L had her second dance class this week and I didn't tell her until 15 minutes before it was time to leave and I pulled her tights and leotard out of the dryer. Hey, it wasn't last minute as the clothes were *clearly dry* before I made her put them on. When I told her we were headed to dance class, her reply was priceless. "Another dance class?! Thank you, Mommy!" Yep, I'm the hero.

K and I sat in the tiny foyer of the dance studio during L's class and we did her arithmetic class. In the middle of discussing one of those deeply fascinating math concepts, we heard a perfect storm of tapping break out and I had to wonder what in the world those little girls were doing. When I had put K to work on some worksheets, I sneaked back and peeked in the room. The girls had switched to their ballet shoes and were pointing their toes, and standing on tiptoes. I swear the teachers were saying something about "fondue" and "ravioli", but it was close to lunch time, so that may just be what I heard. I was fairly amazed at how much the teachers had them doing on only their second class.

After all, fondue and ravioli seem pretty advanced.

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