Monday, August 27, 2007

1/10th of the way through school

We finished Lesson 19 today, which is just over 1/10th of the 180 days the state recommends. We just have to do what we've already done 9 more times. It makes it sound so easy. Of course, we've still got 10 days worth of field trips to work in, which will make it even more fun. I registered today for Homeschool Days at the Biltmore Estate in mid-September. And why yes, I *do* love living in NC with all the really cool homeschool programs and field trip destinations available. At this particular event, K will get to watch a gargoyle begin sculpted in stone and make her own of clay. She gets to watch and participate in watercolor, floral arranging, portrait painting, patterns, musical instruments, and weaving demonstrations. Does that not sound like something completely up K's (and Mom's) alley? Plus we get to tour the mansion and all this for far less than the normal entry fee.

Speaking of school, K has decided that there are certain standards that a second grader must live up to. Since this all came up yesterday after church and the promotion to the second grade Sunday School class, I wonder if it might be a little bit of peer-pressure. She decided to put Bunny away since second-graders do not play with or sleep with special animals anymore. That lasted until bedtime when she decided that her babysitter still has a special stuffed animal, so maybe she could keep Bunny until she's a teenager. She dressed in a black T-shirt and pants today since she thought they made her look more mature and carried her purse with her to the store this afternoon, asking if she looked like a second-grader. I sighed sadly and told her that yes, she looks very mature and she shouldn't worry about it, but just enjoy being a kid while she can. They grow up so fast.

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