Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Channeling Her Inner Redneck

Everyone in the adoption world says it's amazing how well kids fit into their adoptive families, exhibiting the same traits as biological children as if they shared the same genes and L has certainly shown that she's no exception. Twice now this little girl has cut her own hair and both times it's been into a mullet. (Yes, my roots are showing :-)) Last time it was into kinda a quarter mullet, but since then our preschool curriculum has included lots of cutting practice and she got the *whole* thing today. Everyone had gone to their rooms, but L got a little tired of hers. It seems she went to the kitchen, pulled the scissors out of the junk drawer, trotted off to the bathroom, and tried "to make my hair cute". I found her after she had finished the chop job and gone back to playing. Imagine my horror seeing my own little Chinese redneck staring back at me!

We were supposed to be headed out the door for an appointment with my allergist, but thankfully I had planned to leave really early so we had time for an emergency trip to the hair salon where the only haircut that would work at all (besides the mullet, which wasn't working for me) was a pixie. So L's hair that was *finally* growing out from the last trim job is now very short all over. I'm so glad she has earrings and dresses very girly since it's such a boy haircut. It doesn't look too bad, really, but it's still such a shock. She *does not* like it and gets such a sad look on her face when she sees it in the mirror, so I'm hoping this will finally cure her of cutting her own hair. The scissors will be banned for a time and we'll have to find something else to do in place of her cutting activity each day. I've included some before and after pics, including the bald spot she cut into the back and one of K who got a haircut, too, but *didn't* cut her own hair!

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