Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kathryn's Wish list

Kathryn will be turning 7 soon as has been building a birthday wish list for the past several weeks. I thought I would post it here so any out-of-state relatives who want to see it, can.

* Large, stuffed My Little Pony
* Hello Kitty Backpack (at Target, plaid)
* Bed tent
* Johnny Kapahala - Back on Board (Disney movie)
* High School Musical Shirt - Blue or Red
* Crayola Thermos (pink, looks like a big crayon)
* High School Musical 2 (Disney movie, not sure if it'll be available by then)
* Bike bell
* Computer game
* Bouncy Ball Kit (craft kit she found at Target)
* Time with Dad
* Mario Party 8 for the Wii
* Pink Office Chair (found one at Staples she likes)

In other news, Kathryn has finished her 10th chapter book - woohoo! She has reached her goal and gets to go on a camping trip with Dad. She is so excited about it that she went to the library today and checked out the directory of North American campgrounds, which was so big she could hardly carry it. Having to wait until the weather cools off is going to test her patience terribly.

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