Monday, August 20, 2007

The Importance of Organization

I love days like today when things seem to run smoothly, even when we're so very busy. It really only happens when I take the time to get organized and prepared *before* I have to dive into the week, so you'd think I would have noticed this and done it more often by now.

Yesterday, I took the "Leaning Tower of School Stuff" (of which there were several and they were *growing*) and organized it into neatly labeled hanging file folders in a file box I had saved from my "real" teaching days. W and I spent a couple of hours last night making sure all the papers and supplies for the week were organized into daily folders for each girl and I had the table cleaned and everything set out for our first activity of the morning.

We were up and breakfasted in good time, then got right to work and had a good start on everything before I had to leave for a rheumatologist appointment (K made a 100 on her first spelling test - woohoo!). W worked from home to watch the girls and K worked incredibly hard on her seatwork while I was gone. When I got home, I made lunch for me and the girls (W wasn't too interested in the ham sandwich-on-a-stick things I made for the girls, who by the way ate them with much more enthusiasm than if I'd put the exact same ingredients on a normal sandwich) and we finished school. We then went to visit a friend who has 3 girls that my girls love and they got to play and I got to help paint and get in some adult conversation :-) We then headed home, cleaned up, went out to dinner (I forgot to thaw the chicken I originally had planned - whoops!), came back, and I got to run out to Target *all by myself* where I plugged my headset into my phone and had a long conversation with Mom.

I finally have a few moments to sit and play on the computer and I feel like I've earned it and there's nothing else I ought to be doing. Except laundry; that has its own Leaning Towers that need to be dealt with. And I should probably unload the dishwasher. And find those screws to fix the kitchen chair. And straighten up the living room. And finish emptying that last box I finally got moved upstairs to our bedroom.

A mother's work never ends, no matter how organized she is!

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