Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Crafty Kind of Day

In response to lots of begging from the girls, I cleaned off the table and pulled out the craft stuff. We had paid a visit to our local craft store and the girls picked out gifts to make for Aunt Angela's birthday, so they were anxious to get started. The girls painted while I made L a new bow and finished her dance bag, then we finished the boxes for Aunt Angela, then I put the elastic in the skorts Grandma sent, then I finally put clips on 2 bows I made over a year ago and put the trim on K's new purse. Lots of loose ends tied up :-)

I'm including pics of the bag, purse, and the boxes, so Angela will get a preview of the girls' gifts that (hopefully) will get put in the mail tomorrow. I didn't get a picture of the girls in their new outfits, but they wore them to the church picnic tonight and got lots of compliments. Lots of "oh they're so cute" and "your mom's a wonderful seamstress" so kudos to Grandma and thanks for the very cute clothes!

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