Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What I Do All Day

Today I have

  1. Located 3 different outfits for a 4-year-old who can't dress for the weather and can't keep her clothes clean.
  2. Cooked and served a lunch of corn dogs and french fries.
  3. Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.
  4. Washed several dishes by hand.
  5. Gathered dirty laundry from every room in the house.
  6. Washed, dried, and folded umpteen loads of laundry.
  7. Repaired one bike, removed 2 old bike bells and installed one new one, and sent the girls to the dumpster with one old bike.
  8. Reviewed multiplication and division.
  9. Explained why there are now only 8 planets instead of the 9 listed on her worksheet.
  10. Allowed 1 daughter to paint on final Numbers worksheet instead of taking the easier crayon route.
  11. Cut out L's work for her since she is banned from scissors until next school year.
  12. Gave and graded 2 tests.
  13. Achieved Level 10 on the Home Before Dark game.
  14. Opened, then shut every window since it seems to have gotten colder.
  15. Made a portrait appointment for tomorrow.
  16. Watered the beautiful mini daffodils Mr. at Home brought me.
  17. Explained perimeter.
  18. Repaired one pencil sharpener.
  19. Cleaned "washable" paint off table with Soft Scrub with bleach (because our old table doesn't have a finish worth worrying about)
  20. Sent one child to her room to turn her brain back on (don't worry, I didn't actually *say* that to her) because all "13-8+6" equals is a blank stare then a reaction equivalent to torture (for both of us). "10" got her sent back. So did "7". How friggin' hard can it be to figure that one out?!? Yes, I can see a renewed interest in flashcards in our near future.
  21. Searched 2more stores and finally found white sandals to fit K.
  22. Reported a neighbor who repeatedly does not clean up after her huge dog. Gross!
  23. Returned a movie.
  24. Introduced my daughters to the fine cultural experience of "The Princess Bride"
  25. Served the girls those Campbell's soup-to-go things for dinner that they begged for. They were a hit.
  26. Organized clothes for picture taking tomorrow.
  27. Made bows to match the clothes for pictures.
  28. Made brownies.
  29. Made tea.
  30. Called mom.
Now to go put away some of those clean clothes. And go to bed, 'cause I'm pooped!

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