Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have a confession

I have a big head.

Yep, I know, it's a problem. One that affects so many areas of my life. Like hats. And sunglasses. And those ultra-cute headbands. I mean, do you *know* how hard it is to find stuff to fit a big head? Forget hats because they just look silly perched on top. Even when faced with a whole wall of sunglasses in various styles, it still comes down to the ONE pair that doesn't squeeze my temples and give me a headache.

So what brought on my melon-headed angst tonight? (Besides the allergy attack and high dose of Benadryl, I mean)

My daughter's feet.

Because she not only inherited my big ol' noggin, she got my thick feet, too. We share a high arch that defies the skewed logic of most shoemakers.

We visited many stores and tried on dozens of sandals before we found a pair that didn't cut off the circulation to her toes. I know her pain because I go through the same thing myself when it's time for a new pair of shoes. I called my mom to complain tonight and she didn't feel too sorry for me. After all, she bought my shoes for years. From my first pair of walking shoes where she had to buy the expensive Buster Browns to fit over my arch until the day I started paying for my own shoes, she had to listen to my whining over never finding shoes I liked that fit.

Then she told me that my nephew inherited the same gene. Bwa-ha-ha! My sister has to go through the shoe nightmare, too!

At least she doesn't have dressy white Easter sandals to buy and she doesn't have to explain to her belligerent 7-year-old that they just don't make little girl appropriate Easter hats in her size. Would this cute flowered headband work, instead? After all, hon, you've got to take advantage of the fact that those still fit. For now.

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